About Me

Laquana Cooke is Professor of Digital Rhetoric in the English Department at West Chester University. Her research sits at the intersections of critical pedagogy, media criticism, and the performative view of design practices. Cooke’s research and teaching revolves around concepts of students’/users’/players’ sociotechnical and sociocultural experiences in procedural spaces.

About LC as Researcher

About LC as Researcher

My work is largely vested in marrying the tenets of Rhetoric with Digital Based Learning; discovering ways that the two can coexist in research and praxis. My current  research uses digital rhetoric and critical pedagogy to problematize and reimagine current game-based learning, empowering students to discover their identities as agents of change, and to see that game design can nurture their internal motivations.

Given my multidisciplinary and multi-industrial experience, I foster social equity through applied theoretical research and aid in transcending disciplinary boundaries through a digital humanities curriculum.

About LC as Designer

About LC as Designer

In addition to my work as an academic and a teacher, I also have professional media production/development experience in television, film, and video games industries.

About LC as Instructor

About LC as Instructor

My teaching practice grows out of and instantiates my work as a communication media scholar: “Metatuning,” a pedagogical framework I conceptualize in my research, is essentially a system of nested iteration in which the trial-and-error process at a lower level (tuning) is made possible by my (a teacher’s) trial-and-error process at a higher level (Metatuning). I metatune a variety of courses and programs as a Professor of Digital Rhetoric at West Chester University and as a STEAM-Ed program developer/instructor for various non-profit organizations.


Research Interests and Projects:
Game-based Learning

Game Development

STEM Education



The Sustain Game is an educational game that discusses sustainable agriculture and its costs and benefits compared to industrial agricultural practices.  Will you try to make a quick buck, or will you try to run your farm so that it is profitable for years to come?  Manage your farm like an actual business: purchase seed and equipment, pay taxes and labor costs, and obtain revenue from selling crops.  Work within the ecological realities of South Africa.  The Sustain Game utilizes Apache Flex, Adobe Air, as3isolib, and Microsoft SQL Server.  Abby Kinchy, PhD, a professor of RPI’s Science and Technology Studies Department, advised the game’s design and development.
Thomas Anesta: game design; programming
Laquana Cooke: game design; visual art; marketing
Phelan Lemieux: game design; audio; programming